LRC Brand Ambassador / Content Creators

Le Royale Collection Inc, & LRC Hair Luxe,

       Is Seeking, passionate, genuine positive & uplifting Empresses and Emperors to be part of our Royale Tribe. We're seeking individuals who are as passionate  and enthusiastic about the Le Royale Collection, Inc brand and lifestyle as we're. Gurus's who are on their journey of Self-discovery, growth and aim to inspire others through Fashion, Beauty and their lifestyle, then keep reading.  At LRC, we believe fashion and beauty is a Lifestyle that is best expressed when we acknowledge the deepest part of our being, and let the glow radiate on the outside. For that reason we aim to provide a space where FASHION meets HEALING , celebrates all CULTURE while Elevating each others ROYALE Crowns . So if you enjoy Luxurious looks & lifestyle that allows you to be authentically YOU~Nique and it's budget friendly, then we're the Brand for you.



LRC TribeBassador Benefits

  • All our brands & Creators are paid  a commission by earning a % of each sale made. You get a personal coupon code that you will provide to your base, and each sale made using that code will go to you.
  • The more purchases made using your code, EARNS you free items and or additional discounts
  • You get a 30% off Personal coupon code that you can use towards all your personal purchases.
  • You get accessed to a huge selection of products that you can use to provide content for your followers/ fan base as well as lifestyle.
  • You get to be part of our tribe and sample new products and or items before they're launch to the public.
  • Most of all you get to be part of a movement! and be the face of an up and coming Empire!


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