Le Royale Collection is a Clothing and lifestyle brand own and operated by a single mother who dare to dream about the "pursuit of happiness" and the pursuit of "Self awareness". She is also a first generation West African immigrant, who migrated to the US at the age of 15. Le Royale collection Inc, is about creating a space where we're allowed to discover our individual crowns while uplifting each other to effortlessly feel and look our best from the inside out is our mission. Understanding the busy lifestyle of the average woman, especially mothers, we tend to be the last on the list and the last one to be taken care off. As a single mother, worrying about how I look is not something that I can afford to add, to my already chaotic daily stressors. So having effortless  trendy yet transitional styles that empowers me to be my best unique and confidence self without breaking the bank is important!. Being able to wear an item that I know can easily go from work to a play date at the park  to running errands gives me one less thing to worry about. Here at Le Royale Collection, we understand the pressure of life and the individuals battles with face, through fashion & Afrocentric culture, we empower men and women of all backgrounds, to embrace their true self while providing YOU with unique luxurious yet effortless styles that transitions with you to keep up with your busy ever changing schedule because you're You~nique! and you deserve to Look & feel like it.