Le Royale Collection, INC is a Clothing, hair and lifestyle brand, with a holistic and afro-centric twist. At Le Royale Collection Boutique we believe in looking good from the inside out! This is why we pride ourselves in creating a platform and brand where Fashion meets, Healing, Culture and Royalty.  

We're a one stop shop boutique that provides Casual chic & sophisticated glam styles and accessories, for our busy on the go getters. Styles that speaks volume, confidence and; can keep up with your busy schedule and lifestyle as you conquer your goals and aspirations and break one generational curse at a time. Styles that transitions effortlessly from day to night, from errands to slay ready;  from Semi-professional to cocktail/ date night. Styles that inspires YOU to be YOU-nique , BOLD & Elevates YOUR crown for the ROYALTY that you're.