Heyy Doves,

Welcome to Le Royale Collection, Inc Boutique, My name is Noel, owner and Founder of Le Royale Collection, Inc. As a young mother and young adult, I've had to embark on a lot of self discovery journey which led to me FINDING ME! As a young girl, I've always been the "odd girl" whom never fit in and always had her own unique style. I always enjoyed being in the background, and out of sight, I had no voice, had no knowledge on how to express nor advocate for myself. Prior to having my son, I understood that I needed to do a lot of healing and a lot of unlearning. From unlearning generational mindsets to amplifying and expressing my own voice. Through this journey, I realized that I was not "like the others" but I was Me! and the more I discovered about me, the more unique and expressive my sense of style was, and the more confident and bold I became. To me, Fashion is a lifestyle that is best served and lived when it is celebrating and showcasing who you already are on the inside. While going on my journey, and becoming a single working mother with no - to - minimal support system in place; it became more apparent of how challenging it was for me to stay afloat with managing a career, lifestyle and a mother all in one, let alone, having the time to find fashion styles that empowered me, and that I could easily transitioned from a semi-professional work environment, to the park or play date with my son, to grocery shopping and let alone a date night. Knowing that there were many women and men out there like myself, who aspire to feel and look the best, but had no outlet where they could safely and truly do that, while maintaining their own uniqueness and style, Le Royale Collection Inc. was born. A brand that truly  aspire to pursuit the true meaning of SELF & happiness while looking effortlessly stunning and breaking stereotypical ideations and generational curses. We're truly a YOU~nique one stop fashion boutique for those who dare to be You~nique. We're your retail therapy space, where FASHION Meets, HEALING, CULTURE & ROYALTY! join in the movement and be part of the LRC Tribe.