The owner and curator of Le Royale Collection Boutique, Noel Aklassou founded the lifestyle & fashion brand based on her mutual love for fashion and helping others feel empowered and be their best self. Noel sees style and fashion  as the universal non-verbal and love language on how we show up for ourselves and others in the world.

To Noel, fashion and style is a form of art , self expression and a personal love language to oneself. oftentimes, the first thing we notice when we see others from a distance,  even subconsciously is their "way of dressing". The fact that there're so many things that influence our individual styles such as, culture, environment, religion, or aesthetics, it is important that we all find a moment each day to express this especially as women. It is important for us as women to lead a life that radiate the internal glow that is in us on the outside, so that we can express it, own it and stand in our glow unapologetically.

However as women, especially as we accumulate more responsibility and juggling between our various roles in society, as mothers, career women, caretakers and etc.. we oftentimes do not have the time, or ability to pour into ourselves and radiate the glow that was once there. Through her brand Le Royale Collection, Noel aims to curate easy to style effortless pieces, that are comfortable, but glamorous and classy, Pieces that you can easily mix and match in your closet that allows you to make your own statement in your everyday life. Be it from day to brunch or date night, or from work to that last minute  getaway or work trip  you have coming up.